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“We appreciate you visiting our website, and would like to, ‘Welcome you to Monsterville,’ where, “We Build Monsters.” iDareU Academy Inc is a Mentor & Training program with a family atmosphere. Our mission is to help every kid within our program, receive a free athletic scholarship. We push each other 3 days a week, for 26 weeks a year to gain an edge on other great athletes who are trying to accomplish the same goals.

Over 14 years, this Academy has sent over 300 kids to over 120 colleges and universities, and earned over 40 million in scholarship dollars. We have also been identified as the #1 High School Training Group in the U.S. by many publications (247, ESPN, Rivals, Under Armour).


After you have looked over our program, we hope you are eager to join our “FAMILY!”

If you have any questions or want more information, click on the inquiry button below and fill out the form. Once completed we will have someone call you back to answer your questions or concerns.”

Thanks Again,

Glenn T. Ford Jr.

Chairman & CEO

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