High School Player

Derien Stepp - CB

Northgate High School

Class of 2021

Height: 6'0              Weight: 170 lbs.

Dad: Derek Stepp

Mother(s): Keirston Stepp

Brother(s) & Sister(s): Dillen Stepp (13)

Phone: 678.340.2165

Twitter: @dlstepp_1

Instagram: d._.lamar

GPA: 3.47

ACT/SAT: Dec. 2019

Season Stats: Highschool

Awards & Honors:

Video from Workouts & Hudl: http://www.hudl.com/profile/9868854/Derien-Stepp

Coach Evaluation: “Stepp has a demeanor to him that’s all about business. He has the size and toughness that will transfer to college football. It’s no wasted time with him. Dependable, Persistant, Hardworker ”

Coach John Ford