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Marcus Allen

Emory Floyd JR.

Marc Stampley JR.

High School

9th Grade – 12th Grade

Over the last 15 years we’ve built relationships with numerous college coaches, and have gained the college coaches, “TRUST”, that the athletes from our program will be ready for the college experience. Within these 15 years, “No other program” in the country has produced

more high-school athlete’s with full scholarships. We take pride in the development of our athletes, and we look forward to the years coming.

Coaches Link: If you’re a college coach or a representative from a school, please click on the image below and fill out this contact information form. We appreciate you visiting our website and we look forward to speaking with you soon. 

Click Image Below

When you click on the kids name below it will take you to their own page





Marcus Allen - CB

Miles Beaty – DB

Nick Benton - S

Daniel Cartwright - DB

Audavion Collins - CB

Emory Floyd - CB

Zyre Horton - DB

Isiah Johnson - ATH

Jalon Johnson - CB

Tylan Johnson - RB  

Javier Morton - CB

Montarious Reed - S

Marc Stampley – CB

Jacob Stevenson - CB

Jared Stephens - CB 

Nathan Vail - DB 

Kyle Veasley - CB

Jace Arnold - CB

Jordan Beaurem - CB

Kaleb Cost - CB

Jayven Hall - CB

Ashton Heflin - LB  

William Hernandez - DB

Shelton Lewis - CB

Kyle McKinney - DB

Coolie Schleie - CB

Delavia Shamburger - CB

Brandon Smith - CB

Kenneth Thomas - CB 

Jaylen Woods - CB


Zion Ferguson - CB 

Rodney Millen - DB

Nick Taylor - CB

Jaylen Bell - CB

  •  You cannot be on this page without working out for the coaches at iDareU Academy Inc. (Minimum of 2 weeks)

Transcript & Test Score Request: Coaches or School Representatives if you’re interested in the transcript or test scores for one or more of the student athletes', please fill out this request form. Click on button. Upon approval with parent(s) we will send Transcripts and/or Test Scores.

Transcript Request