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High School Player

Jaionte McMillan - DB

Rockdale High School

Class of 2020

Height: 5’11 Weight: 180 lbs

Dad: Jermaine McMillan

Mother(s): Jessica McMillan

Brother(s) & Sister(s):

Phone: 678.544.1332

Twitter: @ja1onte

Instagram: jaionte

GPA: 3.7

ACT/SAT - Nov 2019 / Dec 2019

Season Stats: High School: 4 Interceptions, 2 TD’s, 26 Tackles

Video from Workouts & Hudl:

Coach Evaluation: “Jaionte embodies the word, “Athletic” he’s so versatile and sometimes gives you pause to some of the things he does on the field. Jaionte is a very physical DB with speed, and very competitive. ”

 Coach Ford