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Javin Adderley - CB

Sandy Creek High School

Class of 2021

Athlete Phone Number: 770-560-6292

Height: 5'10 Weight: 165 lbs.

Twitter: @DBJavinAdderley

Instagram: @javinadderley

Graduation Year: 2021

Preferred Position: CB

Dad: Javin Adderley

Mother(s): Kristi Adderley

Brother(s) & Sister(s): Jude Adderley - 11yrs old

Parent Phone:770-685-5205

Parent Email: [email protected]

GPA: 3.43

Season Stats: Junior Year: 33 Tackles, 9 PBUs, 1 Fumble

Awards & Honors: Rec.: 2020 Cam Newton 7v7 All-Star

Video from Workouts & Hudl: Click on Hudl Logo or link below

Workout Video 1

Coach Evaluation: