Junior College Player

Jordan Ford - RB

Garden City Community College

Class of 2021- 2 years with a Red Shirt year.

Height: 5’10          Weight: 183 lbs.

Dad: Glenn T. Ford Jr.

Mother(s): Ra’Chel Ford & Kimberlie Arnold 

Brother(s) & Sister(s): Cequanti’ Ford (26), Glenn T. Ford III (23), Christian Ford (19) & Maya Ford (13)

Phone: 404.734.2781

Twitter: @jford0244

Instagram: Shecravejay_

GPA: 2.73

Awards and Honors: 2017 Marietta High Best RB Award – Notre Dame Shamrock Award, Region MVP

Season Stats: 

Hudl:JC https://www.hudl.com/video/3/13746557/5dc4cd57a680db039c66fa37

HS -  https://www.hudl.com/video/3/10360648/5b859830a676430dbca28976

Coach Evaluation: “Speed, Power, and a Wow Effect! He does amazing things with the ball in his hands. Runs great routes, has a very high football iQ, and tough! Great Kid on & off the field. The game is never too big”

Coach John Ford